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James White, mental patient

James White is a pure mental patient. Look at the last third of this.

You have to have been around somebody with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to know how that disorder rivals every other disorder in the book for obnoxiousness. They become a fortress. Unreachable. They never get better. It's a tragic disorder in that sense. But they take first prize in being obnoxious.

In White's case it is all turbo charged by the fact that his self-image is of a world class intellectual.

It's best that people not even deal with him in any way at this point. (It's funny that he throws the Puritanboard under his bus in this latest video, and he has 95% supporters on that forum.)

People with White's disorder will gather around themselves followers. They become a kind of egregore. When a person has zero self-awareness and a glass-eyed like confidence in everything they say or do it attracts a certain type of weak follower.

A further note: Narcissists hate people who can 'see' them. They go ballistic towards people who can see them. It kind of makes them implode. Kent Brandenburg can see White. Will Kinney can see white. Two of the more calm and polite people on the internet, and White talks about them like they're wild bomb throwers.

A little vignette of White's psychology: Recently a radio show from my part of the world, Armstrong and Getty, began playing in syndication in Arizona. White has been listening to it and remarking on things he's heard on it. It matches his politics pretty much. But for a stretch of time White stated he was very upset with the show because they kept talking about NBC's Brian Williams. White didn't like that. They were mocking Brian Williams and his self-promoting lies. "Enough with the Brian Williams talk!" White said waving his hand over his forehead. Why did White get upset about this? Because White does what Brian Williams has done in his life. Being reminded of Brian Williams, for White, is like a woman seeing another woman at a gathering wearing the same dress. The inflated self-image, the little untruths and exaggerations in stories about world travel (White once stated he did a debate that went over all of Europe...well, cable access potentially has a large audience too). White in the Ukraine during a time it was in the news: "I was at an intersection and there were armed thugs acting like they were in control, and it got a little sketchy..." He most likely never left the airport hotel's community room. Etc. He goes to South Africa..."I'll be ministering to South Africa this fall..." He can reach up and take hold of a galaxy in his hand. "Excuse me while I kiss the sky..."

Kent Brandenburg once said this of White, capturing one of White's more prominent mental traits: "White is the kid in the classroom who slams his pencil down on his desk to let everyone know he finished the test first."


Blogger c.t. said...

I'll be thought of as picking on White. In the sense of picking on a mentally unstable person, which I have labelled him as. But he's an active, aggressive teacher in the name of Christ. Not only that, but within the tent of doctrinal orthodoxy; Reformed, Calvinist doctrine.

He's hardly alone in his defense of the indefensible, the modern bible versions, but he's taken the role of pit bull for that movement. Remember, that movement hasn't just spawned the ESV and NIV, and similar popular versions, but it's spawned the entire batch of much, much worse versions, including the ones that replace whole books because they contain passages condemning things like homosexuality. But it's the atheistic presuppositions and mind set the modern versions promote which is what the Devil really is looking for. They've been a great success in that sense.

August 6, 2015 at 11:42 AM  

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