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Seeing life more fully

Here's a way to see life more clearly.

Think of the charms of girls and young women. Physical charms and all other charms. The power of yes included in those charms. The ability to have fun with other females as well as males included. I am positing attractive charm here.

Now see how it is real yet lightweight and shallow when it comes up against the weightier things of life and this world. Again: real, as in something; pleasant; life is worse without it; yet lightweight and shallow nevertheless.

Now see what it is that charm collapses in the presence of. Matters of life and death, war and peace, health and sickness, freedom and tyranny, hunger and prosperity, salvation and eternal damnation.

Now when your thoughts and orientation in life are focused more on the latter you are by default more awake and more serious, and more inclined to desire understanding of yourself and the world around you and ultimately understanding of your eternal future.


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