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This is something you have to see in vision

Today, for centuries, there's been the myth of the Noble Savage. This myth has covered up the demonic nature of human beings the world over.

When Europeans came to the New World they encountered what they termed savages. Demons they were called too. Not just a few Indian tribes. Most all.

Read this blog post for a litany of torture committed: http://www.reclinercommentaries.com/2011/04/fate-worse-than-death.html

My point in this is to see how evil and darkness were upon the land. Not noble savages, but evil.

From the Tower of Babel to now. Depravity of fallen nature.

But we think evil is making inroads when it was here to begin with. All lands. Mitigated only by very thin lines and layers of government based on natural law which is based on God's law. Never perfect, because itself administered by fallen human beings, but obviously not rank evil like things are without it.


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