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Political comment of the year

This was written in the comments section of a Ben Shapiro article. Shapiro, in the article, is suggesting how the Republican establishment can end run voters and get rid of Donald Trump.

Ben, ya gotta abandon the anti-Trump attitude, it's clouding your judgment to the bigger picture. Yes, he's uncouth and runs his mouth, but he's the ONLY one talking to the base, saying the same things we've been saying in private for MANY MANY years. The others can't even be bothered to mouth the platitudes. "We can't build a wall! We can't deport millions! We can't separate families! We can't repeal Obamacare! We can't can't can't!" Then what the hell are you running for if you won't do the Peoples' bidding? We went to the moon and back in less than a decade, we can build a damn wall like the Chinese did millenia ago with manual labor or that Israel or Saudi Arabia are doing. All this ahistorical analysis of things that we can't do ignores the things that we WILL do, and far more violently, when the economic system tips over.

So - elect the uncouth guy who will build a wall and deport the hostile invaders to save our nation, our posterity, our culture, and our Constitution; or elect the "nice" polished politician that literally married an illegal alien and speaks Spanish at home. Or the bought and paid for hispanic from Miami who tells us dumb whites one thing in English and the same day tell his base the opposite in Spanish about amnesty. Or perhaps the neurosurgeon who seems pretty dim, utterly uneducated on politics, completely inexperienced in politics and executive responsibilities, and in horribly over his head. Or perhaps the slick genius Constitutional lawyer who oddly can't block any significant legislation, ever, in the Senate (why no holds, Ted?) who also has a seemingly big eligibility issue as he's not a "natural born citizen." Choices, choices. Since I'm not a limp wristed leftist and mere words don't hurt my feelings I'm going to go with the one who has a record of accomplishment and is actually a patriot.

First, head-to-head YouGov poll from Wednesday shows Trump destroys his opponents - Carson 60-40, Rubio 57-43, Cruz 57-43. That destroys the consolidation myth.

Second, this is static analysis - if so and so dropped an such and such became the front runner... - it wouldn't go 100% to the new frontrunner and Trump would start to attack them. Rubio is a seriously flawed and incredibly corrupt candidate - he's surged like the others have, and he's also flaming out like the others. Fewer of us realize how corrupt and what a liar Ted Cruz is (he voted for TPA then campaigns against bad trade deals. Uh huh.) I'll never vote for him - he's a proven weasel. Cruz has less downside but on the upside he's accomplished precisely zip as a Senator. All talk. And his superpac is run by David Barton of Glenn Beck fame. But I'm sure the establishment types would back him. Cason's book tour is finally winding down. That'll leave Jeb!

Third, most of the others won't drop out because they're part of the splitter strategy. The early primaries are not simple popularity contests and delegates are doled out proportionally and such. They'll drop out AFTER they get their delegates then push them at Jeb! at the convention. There's a reason these losers bouncing around under the MOE are still in it - the mega-donors are paying their way to win the rigged contest. The spending of trillions of dollars is on the line, a few million thrown at Christie or Kasich is peanuts to ensure a win. Until it becomes so painfully obvious that the candidate can't scrape above 1% or get any delegates, then they drop. (Graham, Pataki, Gilmore.)

Fourth, this is a bigger war. Trump has huge crossover appeal with the independents and blue dogs. He's not a GOP establishment insider and he's beating Hillary and Bernie head to head. He may actually get blue dog union support. Anyone notice the lack of "electability" stories lately? Why isn't the media pushing Jeb! to drop out? Has anyone actually identified a second Jeb! supporter besides his planted intern? Why not? I say his 8% poll number is complete BS.

Fifth. Trump is the choice of the base. We had wave elections in 2010 and 2014 to repeal Obamacare, but now it's fully funded. Hmm.. Then Cochran/McDaniels racist primary meddling by Mitch McConnell. And Cuccinelli. And Dave Brat. And the border. Etc. Many of us WILL NOT vote for any establishment guy foisted upon us. Period. That ship has sailed. Either we the people get to decide our nominee or the party elites do. If they win this battle then the party is done. The low turnout for McCain and Romney didn't just happen due to weather.

What is the purpose of the party - to profit the plutarchs or the people? Judging by their words and deeds the establishment the plutarchs are clearly only self-interested.

THAT is what this election is about. We finally have a legitimate outsider to rally around that can go toe to toe with the elites and beat them at their own game. This is bigger than Trump. We don't particularly trust him but he has our support 100%. The others are known quantities and they have, each and every one, stabbed us in the back while saying they're conservatives. If we had an honorable conservative in the race it might be different. And what happened to all the honest conservatives? IF they manage to get past the local and state politics and get to Congress they're co-opted and/or destroyed. We want a level playing field and someone who represents us and American values, not corporate K-street values. So what if he's wrong on a few issues or mean to some professional politicians - he's right on the bigger issues and he's fighting our biggest enemy - the GOP establishment.

So the elites can play fair and ride this wave to their diminishment or stand in front of it and get destroyed and most of their bought politicians replaced over the next few elections. We are furious and are NOT going away.



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