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What separates real Christians

Real Christians read the Bible complete and are regenerated by the word and the Spirit. That goes without saying. What separates real Christians is the quality of their armor. Biblical doctrine is armor of God. What separates real Christians is their bookshelf and what they're able to see and accept and understand of on-the-mark biblical doctrine. The more they are active on the spiritual battlefield the more they will want real armor of God. Real, hard truth biblical doctrine assaults and insults our fallen nature. The soldier in battle doesn't care. He wants, he needs real armor. Note what your fallen nature doesn't want. Note your fallen nature's resentments, outrages, demands and desires. Go against them. Better yet be active on the spiritual battlefield unafraid to be conspicuous to the world and the Devil and hence be in the situation of a soldier who naturally wants real armor, telling all the demands and resentments of his outraged fallen nature to take a hike. At that point you will have five solas, five points of Calvinism, covenant, federal theology which is the real armor of God.


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