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Clerics and the discernment of evil

If you're a follower of James White currently wringing your hands over what's happened over the last few weeks you just need to understand that White's narcissism has finally forced him into a position of conflict with a regenerate discernment of good and evil. On the question of the Satanic death cult that is Islam White would rather position himself as bowing his knee to the Devil so that he can call everybody "stupid" on the issue, presenting himself as the only person with understanding.

And he's boxed himself in now pretty fully. Even talking about it now on his latest videos* you see that he's having to emote in the saucer-eyed, dramatically-bewildered-at-what-he's-witnessing way that he slips into when he's boxed in.

He's read books on Islam, learned some Arabic, shook hands with a Muslim debater or two or three, but typical of a shallow, specializing academic can't see the forest for the trees. In the military an officer like White is the worst possible nightmare scenario. As a cleric and Christian educator he's unfortunately more common.

* https://youtu.be/DWk737SEiaQ


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