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Fear of death

I'm not referring here to a fear of death due to a lack of faith. Just the general thoughts of our impending death that can make us wonder about the unknown and perhaps be scared at times. For me, I've had that fear in the past, but right now, lately, I feel no fear or apprehension of death and what will happen. Here's one reason why.

The philosophical notions of a personal vs. an impersonal universe are very helpful in clearing the mind of infections of naturalism and atheism we pick up from the world in general.

This universe is not impersonal. God Himself is a personal God. Not, for instance, some impersonal force or energy, but a Person; with thoughts and emotion and will. We are created in His image which is why we are like that.

I think we tend to look up into the night sky and see no life and hence assume an impersonal universe. The light of the stars is not enough to evoke life; we want persons, the dearly departed, consciousness, angels, God Himself. As believing Christians we know we can't see into that invisible realm, but it's not even in our mind. We fall for the impression of the impersonal in what we're seeing and thinking.

We're definitely vulnerable when we die. Just as when we were born. Those are the two major thresholds we cross. But notice when we were born we weren't born into an impersonal realm? Our mother, a person, was there. A doctor. A nurse. Perhaps other family members. And even if we'd been thrown into a dumpster or aborted it would have been at the hands of persons.

So when we die we are told angels - persons - will be present. Perhaps dearly departed family. The presence of the Person of God, too, in some way? People. Not a realm of no conscious beings.


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