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Obviously, and obviously not so obviously, we're currently witnessing the rolling out of a globalist plan

The plan ostensibly is to flood the first world with the third world so as to implement a real income redistribution. 'Cuz justice, and stuff. Yet in spiritual reality it is the Devil creating a one world unity of shit and tyranny and hell, for the purposes of killing God's children, killing more people as human sacrifice to the Kingdom of Satan, and to basically play for time until God kills all evil. Sin is irrational and the Devil and his followers act on the premise that they can defeat God, but they know better, deep down.

I say not so obviously because we're all a bit confused as to what has been going on regarding this globalist plan, so no need to pretend otherwise. An act this big can be easily overlooked.

We are also naive and ignorant regarding the Devil's plans, despite reading of them over and over in something called the Bible.

We also don't generally anticipate such massive, daring moves from people we generally don't have a very high estimate of. We forget that the spirit of the Devil makes even a village idiot a genius to do evil.

Is it inevitable? The entire planet reduced to a fake unified third world status? With people like Merkel and Obama holding the reins of tyranny over an easily controlled poor and chaotic landscape?

This is definitely a goal of the Devil. Is it a necessity in the plan of redemption? Is it required for the coming of the consummation?


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