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On the presence of the cartoonishly evil Islam

I'm starting to understand more what is going on in the world today. 

All this Muslim crap and the lunacy of non-Muslims who enable it all a thousand ways...

It is helpful to read Rodney Stark's God's Battalions. This is a politically-incorrect, truthful account not only of the Crusades, but of European/Muslim warfare from the time the Arab Muslims ventured out of Arabia. I.e. from almost 400 years prior to the first crusade.

This early history is necessary and enlightening because it shows how much the Satanic movement of Islam has been intimately involved in the lives and history of Christians since God allowed them to manifest in the 7th century. 

I.e., what I'm getting at is we as Christians don't want anything to do with the retarded, goat-fucking sand monkeys and would rather they stay in their God-given hell holes...BUT.......that is not what God intended when He allowed them to arise. 

God intended Islam to be a thorn in the side of Christians, and a constant presence of evil for when Christian lands and peoples fall short of the faith or apostasize. The filthy, cartoonishly evil Muslims are also a test for each individual believing Christian. Do we hold to the faith or go dhimmi to the Satanic retards? Do we increase our understanding of the faith? Do we increase our level of being within the friction and heat of being in the faith by practicing the faith when it is most difficult?

Unfortunately we have no clerics who could write what I've just written. Why do I have to take a swipe at clerics at the end of this? To communicate that we as Christians are prophets, priests, and kings. Where do kings gather together? On battlefields. That would be the spiritual battlefield. Not a nursery being lectured to by a seminary graduate, full of cultural Marxist indoctrination up to his wet gills; and feckless in not having a clue about it. Bowing their knee, dhimmi style, to Islam (see James White, a vocal dhimmi, and the innumerable others who, for their own style, remain silent on the subject altogether.)

We'd like for the orcs to go back to their subterranean hells, but God has destined His children to be in a constant warfare in this pilgrimage. - C.


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