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Experimental Christianity again

An example of the definition of experimental Christianity found at this link:


is reading a book like Boston's Human Nature In its Fourfold State and coming to actually see what the wrath of God is and means. Prior you knew of 'the wrath of God', but as a doctrine, a fact. Boston gets you to see it as direct and present reality, here and now where the life blood pulses. Not merely at an intellectual or philosophical level.

And seeing our own sin in the same way.

I've tried to bug the people at Reformed Forum to dedicate shows to books like Human Nature In its Fourfold State, but they seem to be more interested in being seminary philosophers.

Here's something interesting: when the seminary types look to 'go beyond' the basics they tend to merely veer left into pseudo original, liberal theology territory; when what they need to realize is to go beyond the basics is to become more experimental, or experiential with the basics. Reduce to practice, and reduce to direct, present experiential being of the basic doctrinal truths.


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