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Sympathy for the Devil

All unregenerate human beings have sympathy for the Devil. All. Each just justifies it in different ways, mixed with more or less consciousness of their evil choices. This very much includes the unregenerate in the churches. I.e. the churchians. The first to give their dhimmi virginity to the Devil in whatever guise. This is why you don't find God's elect in the churches. We know the stench of Satan when we smell it.

"Speaking for myself, if Trump is the nominee, I won't vote for either one."

This dhimmi to the Devil churchian is looking for any reason to keep the Kingdom of Satan alive and well in the nation's capital. God, please, to hell with these churchians once and for all. Churchians are the Christian version of what cucks are in the media/political realm. When Jesus returns the Devil's religion will be hit (Marxism, Islamism), but there will be special attention paid to the cucks. The cucks in many ways are the worst of the worst.


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