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The big brains at Triablogue turn out to be rather soft-brained in their political analysis

It's hard to describe how naive and off-the-mark this political analysis is:


It reads like somebody who is either very new to American politics or somebody who is a sort of extreme caricature of an establishment dhimmi.

Notice the denial in the post and comments of the very existence of an establishment (I'm not a fan of the French Revolution, but that's like Marie Antoinette denying there's a governing problem in 18th century France). There is also a similar establishment in Christian environments with all the similar traits as the political. Deep shallowness, comical incompetence, fear and reverence of the world, comical lack of self-awareness, condescending and smug attitudes backed up with nothing (if you are going to self-identfy as elite you should be, like, maybe elite at something, as Glenn Reynolds has said).

Donald Trump has called the establishment stupid, and establishment types and their dhimmis really don't like being called stupid. Especially in these times when their stupidity is on such wide display.


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