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Good Charles Murray article on the Trump phenomenon

[an email]

So many good comments under this article:


Like this one:
"A largely unmentioned advantage of Trump being nominated is that if he loses, it will send a clear signal to the type of Americans that America MUST have that elections are no longer the way to take their country back.  Tens of millions of Americans have already effectuated a "secession of the heart" from what passes for America today.  History proves that Socialists ALWAYS run out of OPM, just as it proves that were our founders alive, they'd already be shooting.  If America falls (and it IS falling), there will be NO place to go - and tens of millions of U.S. citizens won't let that happen.  Trump may well be America's last chance to get things right, via an election.  That's because one way or another, the USA will be righted.  JFK said, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."  Which way do the Liberals want it?"

- C


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