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The spiritual battlefield in this Presidential campaign

[part of an email exchange]

I wrote:

My take on this is when a candidate draws comments from a Pope it's further sign that that candidate is taking on large spiritual forces and fate, if you will. This will sound stupid, but a portion of the lyric of that song I sent goes something like there's good and evil in the air, and we don't see it, or mortals can't see it. 

When that writer said Trump looked like a Soviet wrestler parrying attacks on the debate stage that is the thought I had as well. He is disrupting an established machinery and a lot of self-interest involved in that machinery, but especially with the immigration/invasion issue he is disrupting the principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world...spiritual wickedness in high places.

Think of this: the victims of Isis are Muslims and Christians, but it's the Christians who are being eradicated by rape and wholesale slaughter. Yet the powers that be here won't allow Christians to migrate here, only Muslims. If you need proof it's a Satanic invasion there it is. - C.

Simon of Australia responded:

Yeah im REALLY starting to see all this now with my eyes, like they have been opened. The side that is againat Trump is always doing a form of 'smart lying' in the media, i can actually see them be ding the truth.

Youre dead right thpugh - drawing fire from a pope is a sure sign of treading on toes on the spiritual battlefield. 

I mean to actually say hes not a Christian really was an example of the pope coming put of his hole like a big old spider...

i think the establishment is really worried that Trump stands a fair chance of getting in. As Fox news said "Trump is mesmerizing" - he really is. He takes all this abuse really well and it looks like it just deflects off him. 

He rants back but theres no sense that it actually hurt him or deflected him. 


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