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The spiritual landscape and battlefield

A big part of life for me as a Christian - that is not such a big thing seemingly for other Christians - is what I refer to as the spiritual battlefield.

When I say that other Christians will be stung and will say they too experience the, uh, spriteful battlefield, or, uh, what'd you say there wacko? spiritual - yes - spiritual battlefield! Been there, done, uh, that, got the tee-shirt.

Only the average Christian knows nothing of the spiritual battlefield because the average Christian, what I generally refer to as the church Christian, or churchian, is always pretty much going with the current of the world. And inside their church as much as anywhere else.

Being separated out from the world puts you in a world of friction and conflict with the current of the world and into a world of spiritual warfare.

In that world you begin to see and experience things like spiritual geography. Also how the invisible world acts on the visible. Also how what happens here 'under the sun' has an analogue in the spiritual realm.

It's in this context that I recommend Michael Heiser's book Unseen Realm. Though his doctrine overall is not up to the biblical and Holy Spirit discerned standards of Dutch Puritanism...nevertheless what he contributes with his parts in relation to the biblical whole insights on the subject of spiritual warfare is unique and special.


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