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Jesus, all we can say is...come quickly

Nothing has exposed the astonishing number of devils in church christianity than this current political season. We're not just seeing naivete towards the Devil's plans as they play out, but we are seeing active, fervent working against anything that would expose or confront the Devil. Open borders is Satanic. Globalism is Satanic. As biblically evil as anything God tells us will happen. And, needless to say, church christians, we are not supposed to enable the Satanic program. We are supposed to confront the Devil. Something you've never been taught in your culturally Marxist seminaries or your churches run by feckless graduates of those worthless institutions.

Satan's army is on the march, with little resistance from anyone. Least of which the useless, Satanic church christians.

When I first encountered Christians after being regenerated by the word and the Spirit it was like having walked onto an island of zombies. The leaders and educators being the most dead. I put it down to mere shallowness, but now see it is the spirit of evil that is being indulged willfully, as much as one can use the word will to describe such mechanical evil.


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