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Love seeing the shake-out

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and Discernment, and I'm not seeing it in these church Christians re this current political season. Here you have a church Christian comically explaining the Trump phenomenon as "folk Marxism."

First of all the notion of folk Marxism, coming from an obvious establishment dhimmi, is mere name calling. The church Christian establishment dhimmis fancy themselves conservatives but couldn't even define that at this point. They know Marxism is bad though. So, despite last week they were calling us fascists and calling Trump Hitler, now we're motivated by Marxism.

Second, this religious cuck wouldn't know Marxism if it had him by his throat (which it does in the form of cultural Marxism). And I forget, he also says we are white supremacists because only white supremacists invoke the term 'cultural Marxism.' This, too, is the establishment dhimmi cuck spinning his airy head trying desperately to maintain his self-image as a conservative, which he can't even define.

Third, read the comments to the post. Immediately upon posting his nonsense several people calmly, slowly, hilariously set the idiot straight. Though it's most likely gone over his head.

I hate churchians and establishment cucks like I hate Satan. Think of it this way: we know our enemies and we can deal with our enemies; but it's the traitors who do the serious damage. Church Christians are not just shallow and unconsciously in the thrall of cultural Marxism, indoctrinated like feckless souls in their universities and seminaries, but they are wicked souls. That they side with a political establishment that is coordinating and carrying through the biblical fate of the Devil and his Army (angelic and human dhimmi) thus showing what side of the divide they reside on (clue: not the Jesus side) makes them more than just naive or ignorant dupes: it makes them wicked as hell.


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