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More naivete from the Christian version of neocon cuckism

David ****** 3/07/2016 2:21 AM☍

Jason, there is an argument that I haven't seen being made, that ought to be relevant to professing evangelical supporters of Trump. I have seen Trump describe himself emphatically as a Christian multiple times now during this election cycle. His policies aside, this ought to be deeply offensive to any follower of Christ. There is no evidence whatsoever that he is a Christian in any meaningful sense of the word, indeed there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. I need not rehearse that evidence. Labeling Trump a Christian is a preposterous, laughable proposition to anyone with a speck of discernment. So he is dragging the fair name of our Savior through the mud in his quest to become President. He has merited the just contempt of true Christians, not their votes or support, regardless of the merits or demerits of his policies.

One could object that most recent presidential candidates have identified themselves as Christian. Romney, Obama, O'Malley, Rubio, Christie, and others. For the Democrats on the list, I would just add their false (or at least dubious) confessions to a long list of reason not to vote for them. Regarding those who identify with sects (Romanists) or cults (Mornonism), I would regard those self-identifications as unfortunate and detrimental to Christ's name, but at least as honest identifications considered on their own terms. Romney does not have the true Christ, and Rubio doesn't have the true Gospel, but they are moral and devout by the terms of their respective religions. Unlike Trump, they actually attend their churches. More importantly, they are decent and honorable men, though we may differ on policy. Trump has no semblance of Christian morality. He uses the name of Christ for self-gain, pure and simple. His profession of faith is far less credible than even Obama's.

The Holy Spirit slams people who talk like this.


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