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An adult showed up at National Review Online

Sobranist • 2 days ago

If only he could, I bet W F Buckley would lament the illogical stubbornness of editors allowing such mindlessness to fester. "We detest Trump, because as a thick-fingered, vulgar, low class, buffoonish, low-brow, stupid, white trash detestable, name-caller - - he has no business running for President." Because Ladies and gents at NRO - That is EXACTLY what you say every stinkin' day!

Lorenzo • 2 days ago

Sobranist, once you begin thinking of National Review as a country club with a printing press, the Trump detestation you describe makes sense.

Sobranist • 2 days ago

I see it less as a Country Club and more like a frat house... Country Club types know more about the world than this crew of Buckley wanna-be poseurs, they have read all the right books and strike conservative poses - but have demonstrated a tone-deafness that must come from a shallow core. My dad did business with Trump and hated him. But I think he would love to see him as president. Why? Because he may be a jerk but has "gonads." America needs "gonads" after Obama (and, also, the Yale Cheerleader.)

Lorenzo • 2 days ago

"Frat house" might be a better analogy than "country club". The swells running the typical country club, being businessmen or professionals of some sort, at least have to deal with the real world that the frat boys are insulated from.


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