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Computer metaphor, not bad

Think of books as computer programs, and you are the computer.

Actually any influence should be seen like this, but the nature of a great book more so. It takes a long time to download a great book into your soul.

So as a computer you want programs that make you smarter and more useful. That increase your understanding and level of being.

Programs are language too, i.e. that is a good way to see them. We know that to see something new we need a language in us to enable that new seeing. Learning new words is the most basic example. Once you know the word 'ballet' you're then aware of what they do in that building over there. Until you have the word ballet it's just a blank building.

Now imagine having all the words in the dictionary.

Then there are more involved languages. Like the Homeric epics. Or the living, quickening language of the Bible.

Music, math, of course, are other kinds of language.

But great books are powerful programs to have downloaded into you. Being satisfied with lesser things that just go into the cache then get flushed out...surfacy things, is something most people are engaged in. To read a great book complete usually is accompanied with a different motivation. Something above the usual context and time frame associated with things you're commonly interested in doing. Especially if it's new ground for you.

Let me see, I could download another Hollywood movie onto my soul/hard-drive, or I could download Democracy in America. It sounds unrelated when you put it like that, and like a stark choice between fun and boring, but wouldn't you want the latter inside you? You have to download it at some point. If you sense closeness to death maybe stay with the Bible, but there are more than a handful of great book 'programs' that stand up to the seriousness of death even. I.e. books that you would not feel it silly to take into the Kingdom of God with you. Understanding is understanding. Wisdom is wisdom. A higher level of being is a higher level of being.


Blogger c.t. said...

This list is unique to me, but this is an example of a list of programs you'd want downloaded into your hard drive (soul)...

• Bible, AV1611

• Iliad & Odyssey - Homer (Pope trans.)

• On War - Carl von Clausewitz

• Institutes of the Christian Religion - Calvin

• Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Gibbon

• Democracy in America - A. de Tocqueville

• Fourth Way - Ouspensky

• History of the Peloponnesian War - Thucydides

• Spirit of Laws - Montesquieu

• Worldview Analysis - Naugle/Sire/Pearcey

• Wealth of Nations - Smith

• Lives - Plutarch

June 25, 2016 at 12:47 PM  

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