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Amazing so many people who self-identify as conservative can't see this

hokkoda A close election will produce a National Review endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Stonewall_61 Even if true, it would have no effect, right? Trump says NR is irrelevant, and nobody pays attention to it. If anybody did, Trump would not have won the nomination.

hokkoda I'm not trying to tally up the votes this or that paid-political-campaign produces in November. The useful thing about Trump, to me, has always been that he has revealed what a complete scam that Conservative Inc. has become.

This is the election where I can't really lose because I believe it to be part of a bigger political realignment taking place in the country: The Official Party of Government vs. Everyone Else.

Trump, for all his faults, has pulled back the curtain on the fraud that is our one-party political system. Many of the things nevertrump criticizes Trump for the most are things that nevertrump excuses in the likes of John Boener, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, etc. What nevertrump has always failed to grasp is that they failed because they are not credible.

If 'nevertrump' actually advanced a candidate, they'd collapse. Which is why they didn't advance a candidate.


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