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Churchianity is a false religion unto itself

A seminary professor writes this:

What moves pietism, what makes it what it is, is the quest to experience the risen Christ without the mediation of the preaching of the Word and Sacraments.

There are really three things that make churchianity dead. In this case Reformed churchianity.

1. Let's start with what is stated in the above quote. There is one mediator between God and man, and that is Jesus Christ. No priest/pastor/cleric is a mediator between God and man. Churchians always want to exalt cleric and ritual above the Word and the Spirit. It is such a Romanist tendency it is almost hallucinogenic to witness that a Protestant can't see that at this point. The further two points go a ways to explain it though.

2. The Romanist fetish doctrine of infant baptism is demanded by all churchians who actually hate the doctrine and reality of supernatural regeneration by the Word and the Spirit. The Romanist churchian, in this case, will say: "God, we grant you sovereignty in creation and providence; but we are going to have to draw the line at grace. Sorry, God, but we will take care of that." OK, little churchian, you go with that. And stay spiritually dead as a door nail.

3. Demanding bibles that have the authority of God taken out of them and the authority of man (scholars) put into them. Demanding bibles that need man more than man needs the Bible. Denying the work of the Holy Spirit in shepherding and preserving the pure and whole word of God down through history. (Churchians tend to deny the work of the Holy Spirit in pretty much everything.) As long as you demand a bible that needs you (for its very 'construction') more than you need it you will never be humbled to the word of God, and thus it will never be a quickening force within you.

The cure: recognize that Christians are prophets, priests, and kings. Not eternal infants in a nursery to be lectured to by seminary graduates nine out of ten of which don't even give evidence that their balls have dropped. (And any gathering of kings will be a gathering on a battlefield. The spiritual battlefield. It is generally conceded that the Devil occupies churches as a matter of course. This is because there are no warriors of Christ to run him off.)

The cure: Regeneration is the main thing. In the depths of the horror of the Romanist tyranny the Devil called people to be baptized and experience the sacraments all day and all night, but he kept the word of God away from people upon penalty of torture and death. The Devil knows what regenerates God's elect, and it is not clerics and ritual.

The cure: read the version of the Bible you most don't want to read. Be humbled to the version of the Bible you most don't want to be humbled to. Discern resentment and pride rising up in you when a certain version of the Bible is mentioned, and engage that Bible. You know what I'm talking about.


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