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Fox News Channel shows its new hand

For those of you who don't follow or discern such things here is the first bit of evidence the new management at Fox News Channel will take that network globally leftward.

The new management has given comic book philosopher (and Donald Trump hater) Jonah Goldberg permission (or an actual assignment) to attack Sean Hannity.

Remember, Trump and his voters (which includes myself, from the beginning) are fighting the Devil and his end time consummation movement to assert dominion over the entire planet. God is seeing who stands where. We are commanded to confront the Devil, always, everywhere. We know the end, we know the victories the Devil and his army of dhimmis will achieve; yet we also know God (and His people) have victory in the end. Personally it is not disappointing to see so many self-identified Christians taking the side of the Satanic globalist movement. That is expected and a refreshing validation of many years of attempting to show those very so-called Christians where they were falling short. I have no sympathy for the Devil or his followers. I actually have deep hatred for those who hate my God and Creator and Savior. May they reap what they deserve.


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