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God's standard

I hesitate to write this because James White reads this blog and this post will give him a new idea that he will immediately appropriate and then twist and distort which is why we're told not to speak out of school, but I'll use this preface to innoculate the post and forge ahead.

I recently watched the interview/discussion between White and Stephen Anderson:


It was actually a good, cordial discussion, until the end when White did the classic "I'm finished here" and pulled his mike off and walked off the makeshift set. Never has that move made for good optics. You would think Anderson had just produced photos of White in a bathhouse. They actually had just disagreed about the use of the word hell in the KJV.

My quick point. The unspoken theme in the entire discussion (which was about the King James Version vs. critical text bibles) was the fact that God always has His standard for His revealed word. Just as God always has a remnant of believers in every era of the history of redemption, He always has His standard for His revealed word.

Just as atheists are ironic, unself-aware identifiers of the true religion by what they passionately attack, and by what they lack enthusiasm to attack, critical text scholars are similar regarding God's standard for His word and the Authorized, King James, Version. They attack it, mock it, mock those who value it, and they call it dangerous, etc. While at the same time they appropriate its renderings shamelessly in their own translation activities, and identify it as the standard by the fact that it is their foil in everything they do and say.

In God's providence English has become the second language of the world. That His standard for His revealed word would be in English is not surprising.

Just as God always has a remnant who have faith, He always gives this fallen world the standard for His revealed word. That standard is not the ever-shifting critical text and its ever-changing versions. That standard is the Authorized, King James, Version and the manuscripts that underlie it.

Another way of saying this is: what is the true Bible? The one your fallen nature most doesn't want to be humbled to. Atheists and critical text scholars (often the two being the same thing) give up the truth despite themselves.


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