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Sacred truths, and oracles divine

Upon Truth's Victory Over Error

(This poem is at the front of David Dickson's commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith)

Dost thou desire this Treasure to be thine
Of sacred Truths, and Oracles divine.
A fiery Pillar radiantly bright;
Come, it will guide thee in the darkest Night:
Thro' Seas, and Rocks, and Mountains on each Hand,
Through Wildernesses to Canaan's Land,
By Holy Writ the Truth it verifies,
By Holy Writ confutes all Heresies.
Tho' short, yet clear, for both do well agree
To make thy Path unerring unto thee.
As Ophir's Gold, which from Malacca came,
Made Solomon on earth the richest Man;
So will this Book make rich thy Heart and Mind,
With Divine Wisdom, Knowledge of all Kind:
Thee richer make, than Solon of great Fame.
Than all the seven wise Sages, Greece's Glory,
I do protest 'tis true, and is no story.


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