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Worthless churchians

I just have to comment on visiting Reformed Forum again today. Usually they have a guy named Lane Tipton on, who seems to be afraid of his own shadow in terms of veering from the Westminster Standards, and who talks more idiocy per minute than the average sports commentator; but today they had a guy talking about what Calvin thought about the sabbath. This is like high energy for this forum. We live in a time when evil and Satanic lunacy is strangling the planet, and all these churchian clerics can think of doing is arrange yet another conference or talk about the Sabbath, or have a guy defend infant baptism while sounding like a Ludwig Wittgenstein scholar. These people are worthless in Christ's army. We're all mostly worthless in Christ's army, but it's not as obvious with most of us compared to these seminary vomited clerics and scholars.


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