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The awake vs. the walking dead (who are often leaders and educators in the Christian realm)

This video is revealing of how hallucinogenically shallow Christian educators and leaders are. James White ventures out of his specialty and shows his non-understanding of history (WWI sanctions on Germany are apparently directly analogous to the United States today, oh, no, he doesn't know anything about those sanctions...Russia is a major power on the rise...well, Russia doesn't even feed itself; it has oil, an arms industry, and that's about it, but when your image of Russia is THE SOVIET UNION, as White's obviously is, you will make a mistake like that).

White knows nothing about the liberty movement and Trump's involvement in it for decades, going back to Reagan.

White thinks Trump is a horrible speaker. White can't compute things like sound instinct, big picture, common-sense, and practical intelligence. Not to mention Trump's warfaring with ingrained political-correctness, something White can't recognize because political correctness is a medium for White which is like what water is to fish.

White also seems to have a deterministic view of decline. This is what socialists indoctrinate into people. What socialists do can never be undone. White is the usual feckless victim of cultural Marxism in the institutions of learning he graduated from.

White is almost criminally naive regarding the battle lines of this election. White considers *himself* an elite. He thinks that's a real thing to self-identify as. Thus the political establishment, according to White, is made up of adults (and stuff). People who "know how it is done." (And stuff.)

White like most all clerics today has no discernment for good and evil within him. He uses what he observes as genuinely bad to accuse fellow Americans, including Christians. He takes pleasure in accusing others. He can't see how the U.S. has been getting attacked relentlessly by evil from its inception; he sees it all as Americans and Christians indulging evil; and God's remnant are to blame...other than White, who sits back and gloats as he accuses and moralizes.

White is a minister of the devil by default of his stupidity and glass-eyed narcissistic indulgence in pretending to be "above it all", looking down on Americans, including Christians, lost in a maelstrom of evil that will never be interrupted or reversed or even confronted, and that is all "their" fault.

If you do just a cursory search on the 'net for the current political insights and opinions of similar internet celebrity pastors and theologians you will find they all are singing the same tune. Shallowness seems to be a requirement in today's church and seminary culture. And fecklessness in the face of cultural Marxist indoctrination.


Blogger c.t. said...

James White is a supreme troll as well. Don't watch that video and its part two if you're easily set off. He represents all the 'nevertrumpers' in his arguments and - the necessary hinge - the trumped up portrayal of Trump as a deceiver who is really worse than Hillary politically. They have to say this though they know it's not true. These types pretend to be for what is good until things really matter. Then they veer left and into the evil that truly defines their worthless souls.

October 14, 2016 at 1:55 PM  

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