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The election

[An email...]
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If you're wondering what's going on with the election basically in this last quarter mile the media (mainstream media and cuck media) has thrown and smeared about 80 thousand tons of excrement on everything, daily, to dispirit everybody, taint everybody, provide cover for voter fraud, make people tired of the unending up is down falsehoods and lunacy (a Marxist tactic) to the point of giving up on attempting any meaningful action or change. And I forgot to mention the cosmic level gaslighting and ignoring of blatant evidence of massive treasonous corruption and other crimes.

The only solution is about a hundred thousand guillotines working overtime.

- C.


I have to add that alongside the exposing of the fake conservatives this political season has accomplished (the cucks, globalist parasites, pretending to be for liberty, except when it matters, like right now), there has also been an exposing of Christian clerics and theologians who have almost 100% thrown in with the demon globalists. Chalk that up to the common shallowness and fecklessness those types have always displayed in this era of cultural Marxism; but also chalk it up to the fact that 90% or more of clerics and theologians are pure and willing and active ministers of the devil. First to bow their knee to the devil, always willing to serve the devil.

Look at that demon mortician Russell Moore. Makes abortion his main issue, but fights to get Hillary elected...the most vicious child-sacrificing witch in political power today. Russell Moore is a Molech worshipping demon. May all the default pro-Hillary, pro-Satanic globalism ministers receive their just reward in time.


Simon of Australia writes:

Yeah we can see that here in Oz.... It's interesting actually, because I've been discussing it with people here, and everyone seems to fall into one of two camps. There's the people that clearly see what's going on, and then what we call "the Normies" who believe the main stream media and take it in as their only source of information, like "yeah but do you know about Trumps attitude to women?!"

The others clearly think Hilary is crooked and evil. I know a few people who have been converted by the likes of Infowars and Wikileaks so those guys are doing a job.

But over all, everybody agree's that this election is putrid, like a big stinking pile of warm steaming dogshit. Somebody said to me the other day that "America is broken", which was a good summation.

People here also seem to know that Trump is out day after day filling football stadiums with cheering crowds, while Hillary is at home sleeping, so if she some how slides into office with that big grin on her face everyone will know it was a setup.

I respond:

One theme to watch unfolding is the change from things being conservative vs. leftists to the battle lines being ruling class vs. everyone else. I wouldn't want to be in the ruling class when the dam finally breaks. (By the way, the dam is taking a long time to break because America had so much wealth post WW2. Wealthy people, even at just the happy suburban level, don't want to pick up pitchforks and fire. But the long attack on the country is now effecting people at levels that hit everyday survival reality. Healthcare, for instance. A million other things. The wealth is gone and no longer covers the effects of the long attack.) - C.

Simon of Australia responds:

I don't understand where the money has gone. How can America be 22 trillion in debt and not have the best roads, the best airports, the biggest army, then greatest hospitals, schools etc???

It's like all that money evaporated.

I respond:

What was called the Great Society in the '60s wasted trillions on programs that did nothing. The overwhelming of welfare type services starting in the '70s has never stopped. Once the WWII generation retired from public life baby boomers systematically looted federal and state treasuries to the tune of trillions for salary, benefits and pension increases. My oldest sister had a career as a high school teacher, basically. For decades she has lived and traveled like a Kardashian. She owns a multi-million dollar home on the Monterrey peninsula (she's never worked in Monterrey, always inland in poor areas), she travels to Hawaii every year and lives in a vacation home there, and she and her school teacher husband have basically spent their life traveling the world otherwise. Teacher's unions in California voted public money to themselves after the adults left the scene (the WWII adults) making each of them rich at the expense of future generations (all that debt). Now we have the theft that's occurred during the Obama years, which has been gargantuan. And along with all this the same people have strangled the wealth producers with taxes and regulations and trade deals designed to destroy the economy. We've been under extreme Satanic attack with no defenders at the top that didn't immediately get corrupted and drawn into the evil enterprise. - C.


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