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An email:

The reason I sent that Hercules email is because I was thinking of those infants and children abducted or sold into the pedophile rings, and Hercules strangled serpents in his crib. I'd like to see a Hercules get his hands on the pedophiles.

One description said the pedophiles terrorized the children, then comforted them telling them their parents would come for them, then they'd torture them, then comfort them. They get off on the look of 100% weakness and terror in the eyes and faces of the children.

In the consummation when you show sympathy for evil and evil doers you are showing rebellion against God. That is why consummation ethics does away with 'love your enemy.' When you love your enemy in the consummation you hate God. Loving your enemy is a common grace era practice. Common grace ends in the consummation. - C.

Why won't the clerics tell you what I just told you? Because many of them are fucking, torturing, and murdering children too. The rest are scared of their own shadow when it comes to evil manifest.


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