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Pedophilia in high places

These are two (now five) emails:


You guys need to get up to date on this developing story of evil in high places generally known (probably stupidly) as pizzagate.

Here's a good video rundown on what is known so far made yesterday:


Satanism is real, evil is real, as cartoonish as it seems.

Also, nobody seems to be talking about the fact that Julian Assange has not been seen alive for well over forty days now:


It's weird that this is not being talked about, not even by Alex Jones that I can tell. - C.

All kinds of YouTube rundowns of this child sex crime activity. Here's another:


Guys, this answers much of the questions all sane people have had over the years. All the lunacy that has been going on is involved one way or another with this pedophile activity. Like, why didn't England go ape shit wild when it found out Muslims were systematically raping English school girls? Because those girls probably were being used by British elites as well, and then used as extortion to get them to do the bidding of the Muslims taking over that country. Why all the lunacy in government re Muslim immigration? They are all compromised by the child sex crimes. Why do all these government figures and institutions do whatever it seems the Devil would want them to do? They are all involved and compromised. Why child sex? It seems to be a great temptation for people prone to do evil to begin with. People who are just on the evil side of the divide. A big, big, thing is being uncovered here. Also, they compromise police and other investigative institutions. This is a big realization. We are all naive to the extent of evil that goes on. - C.

ps- The freaking out over Trump is part and parcel of all this. He's an outsider. He is a threat to investigate and uncover all this evil. I now suspect any prominent anti-Trump voice in the media. Especially the most deranged.

Alex Jones just made this yesterday. Watch the whole thing. He obviously is wary of getting sued, so he isn't saying a lot blatantly, but he says he has sources that have told them everything:


- C.

This has the ring of truth to it:


Wikileaks had more emails exposing the pedophile rings. You can't confess to child rape/torture/murder for sympathy like you can, for instance, drug addiction. Once it's known your life is over, thus they will do anything - anything - to keep justice at bay...including nuclear war as we saw with Hillary's statements prior to losing. - C.

Here is another rundown. Watch it for the photos. It goes fast. This activity is so blatantly evil and Satanic and so exposes a protected class of devils in high places:


Note: I've noticed in the past that you guys (including Paul) recoil at things that are blatantly supernatural, and I wonder if you are doing it with regard to this subject matter? If so it is a good way to see a limitation, or a boundary that you have to get beyond... - C.


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