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Victor Davis Hanson comes around one hundred percent

Victor Davis Hanson was never completely not a #NeverTrump. He was never stupid or shallow regarding Trump and the movement, but we can't change history and say the guy was one hundred percent not nevertrump. That being said, in this latest piece by him he shows he has come around completely, and that perhaps his reluctance to be all in for Trump was a reluctance to put all his emotion and money on what he thought was too much of a long shot.

As for myself I ended almost all internet correspondence with "Trump will win in a landslide." And if you subtract the vote fraud and all the votes by illegals from around the country, but especially in California, Trump did win in a landslide. Most important he got beyond the margin of cheating.

Note the open contempt Hanson shows in the piece toward the #NeverTrumpers, obviously many of which write at the publication that is publishing his article.


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