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Three things that if accepted would change a person at a deep level

Here are three things that go to the foundational level of how a person sees themselves and the world, and that can awaken a person.

1. Accepting the unity of truth. Accepting that what was true for a person in 5th century Athens was true for a person in 18th century England, or 20th century Peru. That the greatest influences of art and literature and history transcend geographic, ethnic, racial, and cultural boundaries. This will make a person go to the best sources of knowledge and wisdom, which is what the West did, and which is what made the West such a powerful civilization and culture in world history.

2. Accepting that resentment is not a noble emotion. Resentment is the dominant emotion of fallen human nature. It is glorified in the world as something noble. In movies, in television, in popular novels, etc. Yet in reality it is the primary emotion that losers indulge in. It is a Satanic emotion. Satan, who has already been defeated by God. The opposite of resentment is gratitude. This is the true attitude and emotion of greatness and heroism. Of a plain life that is complete and joyful.

3. Accepting - or just entertaining the possibility - that man is not inherently good. I.e. that man's nature is inherently bad. Even evil. This is difficult to accept because we tend to not see ourselves as being particularly evil (though we can see it in others). History shows that all utopian ideologies and projects - big and small - lead to various kinds and degrees of tyranny. This is because when you assume man is inherently good you then leave yourself unprotected from the true nature of man, which is evil. This is why a wise political course or project puts checks and balances on man's human nature (man's evil nature).


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