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Some thoughts on the current scene in these end times...

Every Calvinist who knows better still goes soft on Roman Catholicism every now and then. It's a constant push and pull between recognizing evil vs. wanting to be fair and brotherly to actual Catholics themselves.

But then you're shocked back to reality. (Consider the current Pope. Enough said.)

I have always been one to defend Israel, to mention another similar subject. I probably know better, but there it is. Then you get shocked out of it by hearing that Israel is the world capital of human organ harvesting. OK.

There are four types of human trafficking.

1. The trafficking of children for sexual exploitation (and worse...Satanic Ritual Abuse).

2. The trafficking of of-age (usually) women for sexual exploitation. The so-called white slave trade.

3. The trafficking of humans for forced labor (otherwise known as slavery).

4. And the least known of the four: the trafficking of children and adults for the purpose of harvesting their bodily organs to be sold on international markets. It is big money.

All these networks are involved with each other. They call themselves different things, go by different names, wear different hats, but they are all unified in their Satanic intent and activity. Jewish networks, Roman Catholic networks, pedophile networks, Islamic networks, Marxist networks, media, political realms, entertainment, religion, academia, all relatively high level, able to - to a good degree - ride above the law. All with money, if only just enough to have the leisure to be involved in such activities to begin with.

Actually, of those four points above I could add a fifth: the trafficking of humans (so-called refugees, for instance) for the purpose of disrupting the polity of a nation or community and for the purpose of increasing a political party's voting rolls, etc., etc...

This is all Satanic activity. It is all activity motivated by the spirit of Satan in this world. You have to call a spade a spade. You can't go soft and have any - any - sympathy for the Devil in this world, on this journey towards the consummated Kingdom of God, New Heavens and Earth.

Without regeneration we called good evil and evil good. We didn't have discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit. Once regenerated we can discern good and evil. We know which way is up. But we have to constantly be internally vigilant that we don't allow the world to move us or influence us, or make us fearful of stating the truth, as difficult for others that that will be (and difficult for us due to the inevitable backlash of all kinds).

These evil acts are the price of admission to participation in the higher levels of this Satanic world structure. The level of evil is going to always be shocking. Astonishing. We will always be vulnerable to understate it. If not justify it away.

For the final sentence of this post I'm just going to say this: prayer is a weapon of a spiritual warrior as well as the armor listed in Ephesians 6:10-18...


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