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Today on Reformed Forum...

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 6, 2016 - we're going to be talking with a good friend about an article he has written for the North American Karl Barth Review regarding what do we make of Barth's Christology vis-a-vis his unique view of inspiration in light of his support for Stalinist genocide. [Moderator note: we've deleted all mention of Stalinist genocide from this interview after many complaints from some very good and important Reformed Barth scholars, many of whom are our good friends and brothers in the faith.]

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 13, 2016 - we're going to be talking to just an excellent Reformed scholar about his new book on Declension Static Traumatizing String Theory Translation Algorithms and how this new practice is revolutionizing the translation of the Bible for new generations and making it possible to get the word of God right without having to even access any manuscripts. Praise God.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 20, 2016 - we're going to be presenting highlights from our last two shows.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 27, 2016 - we're going to be talking with Carlos Montoya, a really cool graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, on his thesis that dichotomy was not the reigning belief in OPC churches in western Pennsylvania surprisingly until really the middle of the last century. He's done a lot of important investigative work on this subject, and we will explore this important topic on Reformed Forum, Christ the Center.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 3, 2016 - I will review the new version of Scholax Software, and, with great joy, focus on their new 20th century Roman Catholic theologians modules. Here's a hint: there's joy in Mudville, because they hit it out of the park...

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 10, 2016 - we're going to be talking with church historian Len Dulles (pronounced Dull-ass) regarding the very exciting new finding of a cache of pastor's diaries from the 1950's in a storage unit in Milwaukee three years ago. The diaries have been collated and put into a new multi-volume book by Len and cast a very important light on the relation between Milwaukee pastors and their congregations during the historic Eisenhower administration years. One thing Len has dug up from this find is the extensive use of catechisms for vetting church administrators and not just teachers. That's an important find and gives a great new insight into our faith and the history of God's plan of redemption. Praise God.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 17, 2016 - we're going to be talking with a good friend about Karl Barth. How do we see Barth's take on regeneration? Barth said that regeneration was like giving allegiance to the Communist Party. Is this helpful for our understanding of Reformed doctrine? How can we incorporate it and learn from it. What did Barth say about Reformed churches taking money from the government to help settle Muslim refugees in our small town? Should we become Muslim? Is there a difference? What would Barth say? Why am I talking softly? Am I a soft-talking scholar? Are my blank eyes a symptom of some sort of unknown-to-me indoctrination I've received from institutions that don't really believe the Bible to be more than some Ancient Near East text document, with its supernatural baggage and talk of sin when I'm a pastor in good standing with a wife and kids, i.e. sinless and soft-talking and blinking mindlessly with my blank eyes, following the rules laid down by all the authority figures that must be obeyed including their decrees about gender and abortion and bathroom access for men into girls bathrooms and Satanic-pedo ritual everywhere including rightfully in churches where pastors in good standing teach the faith and exercise a lot? Does the Bible say suicide sends you to hell, not that I care because I'm enjoying life...

Today on Reformed Forum...


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