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Transyuggothian Magic

Do a word search on Transyuggothian Magic.

It's basically the ritual involving the belief that a person can tap into powers from realms beyond our solar system to attain worldly power, and - ultimately - immortality. The significance of the realms being tapped into being beyond our solar system is the belief that there are gods beyond the outer most planet that are greater than the God of the Bible, Jehovah. The people with these beliefs are Luciferians in general. The ritual itself involves the sexual molestation, torture, and killing of infants and children; the union with their bodies in sexual acts, the drinking of their blood, eating of their flesh, etc.

The people involved in these rituals wear different hats but are basically the same. Just as Satan goes by many different names and guises and fronts but is Satan just the same.

It's arguable that these rituals work, to some extent, considering the human lizards and dupes who engage in them seem to be the power brokers in every corner of the world and level of society.

Along with the ultimate motive to achieve immortality they have a sub-motive to entrap people for purposes of extortion to further and protect their obviously (hallucinogenically) illegal activity; politicians and law enforcement being prime targets. I.e. once these people and groups are already involved in human trafficking to supply themselves with young blood they can also easily traffic in young girls and boys to tempt the easily tempted, get the visual evidence on them, then use that to control them. Imagine the successful man who already has it all (he's a politician, a CEO, a whatever) yet laments the one thing he can't seem to get: a fresh, young teenage girl. The traffickers can supply that, no problem. Even if the girl is not technically under age (which she probably is, especially in America where the age of consent is 18 as opposed to European countries where the age of consent varies but can be as low as 14 as in Germany), again even if the girl is not technically under age the revelation of the man with a young girl might still destroy his life, his marriage, etc. And the opportunity for false witness and false claims against him are just multiplied by him even having been in the environment of the temptation to begin with.

This activity has built in protections against exposure and prosecution also due to the fact that it so explodes all notions of sane behavior that normal people can't begin to comprehend such things; and even if they can begin to they don't continue to think about it because it is so evil and dark and depressing. It is emotionally and spiritually draining to keep it in mind.

The Luciferians bank on this and know that all little flaps of media exposure eventually blow over in time. They might throw some of their own under the bus to satisfy public concern to some extent; but nothing changes.

Overall these people are the tools Satan uses in his big end time moves to assert dominion over the entire world. All the one worldism, the globalism, the massive global level schemes like 'climate change' to effect politics in every nation and to divert public money, etc. All the moves to defile cultures and institutions and to destroy human beings at all levels of civilization.

This is what is playing out.

If you begin to think in terms of everything in this physical realm having an analogue in the spiritual realm you can begin to see it all more clearly.

There is much in the Bible that remains opaque to Christians simply because putting two and two together requires a vision (and recognition to begin with) of the supernatural realm (not to mention sin itself) that is considered "wacky" by the usual suspects in Christian environments (shallow, world-fearing seminary graduates, pastors, elders, teachers, professors) that people get dissuaded and stay shallow.

Faith hath a piercing eye to see into the spiritual realms, saith the Puritan of yore.

An example: in the physical realm homosexuals are just two people of the same gender having sexual relations of one kind or another. Yet in the spiritual realm two male homosexuals are engaging in a Satanic ritual of feces eating; and two female homosexuals are engaging in a Satanic ritual of blood drinking. These activities (not to even mention the boundary crossing and rebellion against God's ways) open up the individuals in question to Satanic influence and bondage. In the physical realm you may not see the effect of this in the homosexuals' everyday lives, but usually if you can get a longer and more under-the-surface glimpse into their lives and mental and emotional and spiritual states you will see their darker sides. Their treatment of children, for instance; or their love of baby killing, if even just in the form of advocating for extreme positions on abortion. Also their recruiting of vulnerable youth into their homosexual lifestyles. Their politics, their choice of entertainment (or what they consider entertaining), their stunted emotional development, lack of maturity in general, a thousand different ways you'll see the manifestation of their dark lifestyle in their more private world. Certainly where you won't see these sides of them is when they are presenting themselves to the public with intent to defend their lifestyle. This is just one example of how to see the connections between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

We live amidst supernatural evil of the most cartoonish variety. We stay asleep to it though because awakening to it is psychologically and emotionally depressing if not crushing. Just look how the mainstream media blanks out the evil of children being crucified in the Middle East but will jump and scream with indignation and rage that somebody in the White House praised Ivanka's shoe line. Mainstream media types are not just giving evil a pass but are demonstrating how we as humans tend to want to not be awake to blatant evil all around us.


Blogger Eileen Johnson said...

Thank you for this information. I'm reading a book "The Witch Doctor And The Man City Under The Sea" Testimony of Bishop Samuel Vagalas Kanco (Before he got born again) Written along with Dr. Pat Holliday. In chapter six, I came along a few words I was ignorant of. When I researched under "Black Magic" "Transyuggothian" and "Cthulhu mythos" that's how I came to your blog. Being a born again Christian for 35 years I have never heard of this, which makes me angry, angry at myself for being ignorant, however that being said we learn things at different phases of our lives. This interests me only for the fact that I have a daughter who was saved at age 8. Fast forward she's now in her early 30's and is a practicing homosexual for now. Reading what you said about the spirit world and what it really represents makes me sick to my stomach and that much more determined to love her more and continue to pray that God will bring her to deliverance and these demons will be cast out of her and she will return to Jesus Christ. Thank you for your research and for having the fortitude to write the truth no matter how dark. The light of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is far greater than any evil Satan has.

September 1, 2017 at 8:59 PM  
Blogger c.t. said...

Hi, thank you for your comment. For your daughter what I would do is - you know, with the love of a mother in your voice - just casually, but directly give her actual words from the Bible. It can have amazing effect. It's supernatural language. Lively, quickening language. And it doesn't even have to be verses on the subject of homosexuality, but like Romans 13:11, now it is high time to awake out of sleep. Or elsewhere about having nothing to do with darkness. Etc. Anything, really. If it is pure words from the Bible and said directly (however embarrassing it can be to do that, or however much it makes us self-conscious) she will feel the effect of it. It will stay with her. It's like planting a seed. In time it will show life. I believe that. The words of the Bible are unlike any other language we can utter...

September 1, 2017 at 9:58 PM  
Blogger Eileen Johnson said...

Thank you very much for your wise encouragement to me. I absolutely agree that the Word of God is active sharper than any two edged sword....you know the verse I speak of in Hebrews. God has graciously allowed me to share some things from the Word with her. I sent her a video testimony about 4 months ago of Evangelist John Ramirez. It was about 15 minutes. She texted me back and said "Wow Momma" It's an older testimony of his and is very powerful. Some years ago, she would call me and ask questions like, "Where in the Bible does it say homosexuality is a sin?" I gave her about 5-6 places where God said so. This was when she was on her 3rd girlfriend. Now she doesn't hardly talk to me. Not because of anything I've done or said. It's because over the last year I've learned some spiritual warfare Prayers from a few books we have purchased. So in the spirit realm the heat has been turned up. I know that she will come back to the Lord. I'll admit that I have days of guilt and depression will try to get to me. I fight it off and remind myself of the promises of God. Jesus is the only One who truly understands, unless someone else is going through the same thing. May I ask, what prompted you to start your blog? I'm sorry that I meant to ask you in my previous reply. Thank you again for being here. You don't know how much it means to have someone who is there and is not a flake, if you know what I mean 😊 Have a nice blessed day

September 12, 2017 at 10:26 AM  
Blogger c.t. said...

Hi. I started my blog when I became truly conscious that I was a born again Christian and I was being treated strangely by other Christians on the internet. Their forums and blogs and so forth. I had been more associated with a teaching known as Fourth Way (P.D. Ouspensky primarily) and finally realized you needed the armor of God if you're going to be making efforts to be more awake and to really be in battle with your fallen nature and the world and the Devil. Prior to that I had read the Bible and already gone through all the stages where I was OK to be publicly a Christian, but I'd not really learned pure biblical doctrine yet. So as I learned it I went on the internet to interact with others and was surprised at the weird treatment I was getting. I realized there was a real difference between myself and them, and that is what I began writing about on my blog. I also wrote it for other people involved in Fourth Way who had become Christians. The languages are similar but can't be mixed very easily at all, so on my blog I primarily use yhe language of biblical doctrine of the Puritan school. I believe doctrine is armor of God. I believe the doctrine we can see and accept effects us internally, so I don't shy away from doctrine that is hard for our fallen nature to accept. I'm on the spiritual battlefield, thus I want real armor.

On your daughter, I wanted to add that I shuddered a bit when you mentioned reading where I stated female homosexuals were like blood drinkers spiritually. That would be worst degree of it. I mean, I'll say this, it's always easier to make statements and describe things starkly when it is abstract, but when real human beings come into play you want to immediately revise or make less stark what you've written because individual real life people are not cookie cutter. Some self-professed lesbians can be really captured by darkness, while others might be less so and in need of companionship and so on. Different cases.

I do think it's like alcohol or fornication. The Bible says drunkards and fornicators won't get into the Kingdom of Heaven, but that can't mean anybody who has had some alcohol or who has had sex outside of marriage. It means people who wake up thinking about nothing else but alcohol or sex and are in the total control of it. The key is do you have control of something or does it have control of you. The command against homosexuality I think is because it's not just a rebellion against the natural order but it is something that evelopes one's entire lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions. It might also be a type of false idol worship in that the person is making an idol of themself and thus seeking a mirror image of themself. There might be something to that. All idol worship by default cuts us off from the Holy Spirit.

September 14, 2017 at 11:28 AM  

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