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An obnoxious, familiar pattern regarding the new scientific discoveries putting the earth at the center of the universe

I've been complaining about the lack of interest by Christian writers in recent scientific discoveries putting the earth at the center of the universe. Now I'm seeing a pattern that plays out elsewhere on the internet.

Globalist interests want to destroy the truth and liberty movement generally known as the alt right or alternative media. One way they are attempting this is to pay people to present themselves as part of the movement but then to write constantly on the themes of an extreme anti-Jewish or anti-Zionism position and also constantly rattling on about flat-earth theory and beliefs. While also attacking the most popular and effective members of the truth/liberty movement.

So now I'm seeing something similar happening with these new scientific discoveries showing the Bible to be true and the earth to be supernaturally positioned in an obviously created universe. Establishment science can't wave these findings off, so they've decided they have to try to separate Christianity from the findings. They are doing this by paying for articles and blog posts on the subject written by people pretending to be Muslim, and having them associate the religious aspects of the new findings solely with Islamic beliefs.

Why aren't real Christians writing about - or even mentioning - these things? Maybe real Christians are few. The churchians are scared of their own shadow when it comes to what the world thinks of them, and thus they don't want to publicly espouse anything that is or seems supernatural.

All the early internet articles on these remarkable findings (remarkable obviously understates such epochal and world-changing findings) are written by professed Muslims. Here's one that doesn't tip the Muslim hand until midway through the article, but that is the reason it was written:


These are interesting times, these new scientific discoveries not the least of it all. Interesting that Christians still are showing a really very studied lack of interest in them. It exposes them.


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