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God and Mammon = God and Satan

Seeing the phenomenon of internet truth and liberty people selling out to globalist money (via intermediators like Media Matters, if you think that sounds too grandiose) made me think of the biblical verse about serving God and Mammon (money) at the same time. You can't serve God and Mammon at the same time. My thought is: that dichotomy - God and Mammon - is as stark as God and Satan. I believe this means that when a person sells out their conscience and ideals to money they are in effect actually selling themselves to the Devil.

With all the focus - understandable focus - on pedophilia and sex crimes in general being used to extort and control people we can forget how central money is in corrupting people for political use. Somebody said if you give someone a good salary, a pension and benefits you can get them to do anything. Think teacher's unions, think federal police forces. Think IRS. You can turn someone into a death camp guard for the right price.


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