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I don't exaggerate regarding churchians

Listen to this program around the 27:30 mark. These people don't believe in supernatural regeneration by the word and the Spirit. It's obviously something they've never experienced. John Owen wrote about this. I find it absolutely obnoxious that people would put themselves in positions of Christian leadership while not having a clue about the main thing: regeneration (also called being born again).

Many of these clueless souls grew up in churches, so they appear to be handicapped in not being able to discern any real change in themselves, unlike a person who grows up having nothing to do with churches. Regeneration is going to be a more striking change (lifestyle change, for instance) for the latter. Still, though, regeneration is regeneration and its effect will be known whatever your life experience, and these types at the linked podcast appear to not have been through it.

This effects their relationship with the Bible as well. The two most foundational realities of the faith: the living, quickening - supernatural - word of God and monergistic regeneration by the word and the Spirit, are things they actually downplay. They downgrade the Bible to a mere text document that needs their own critical text skills to even be determined what it is; and they downgrade any work of the word and the Spirit, giving all to man and ritual.

What does this sound like? It sounds like a default Roman Catholicism. No word of God needed, and 'sacraments' the all in all. Priestcraft stepping in for any silly notion of supernatural regeneration by the word and the (so-called?) Spirit. Then they protect themselves by adopting a default guild mentality and guild-like respecting of persons. The 'teaching church' talking down to the so-called 'lay people.' Meanwhile real Christians (red-pilled?) are being awakened (Rom. 13:11) everyday, but are not walking through the doors of such shallow, Christian-reality-denying fakes.


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