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Three questions I have for God

I don't know everything. Everybody has to pretend that they do know everything. I know a lot, and can figure out the rest pretty well, but there are some things I still don't know.

I'm going to put three questions to God. People are probably afraid to put questions to God in this way. I'm not questioning God so much as putting questions to Him. These are things I honestly wonder about.

1. Why don't human teeth regenerate? You created the human body so wonderfully (even though in our fallen state we've made it look rather ugly and worn out in terms of disease and other things over the centuries since the fall), yet you didn't make it so that human teeth regenerate. Teeth wear out. They get broken, knocked out in various ways, rotted. They need to regenerate just like fingernails and hair regenerate. Alligators go through hundreds of teeth in a lifetime. Their teeth regenerate. I wonder why human teeth don't do the same? (And also it's hard to think of someone living 900 years, as before the flood, without teeth regenerating.)

2. Why did you create different races of human beings of such startlingly different traits and looks and intelligence and so on? It seems that only could lead to conflict. Perhaps you wanted all the different races and people groups to stay within their borders speaking their own unique languages like You said in Genesis, and we have gone against that arrangement. I understand all that, but I still wonder why You created such disparate kinds of people. And the differences were bound to make one the enemy of the others. The darker prey upon the lighter. The lighter are even the fewer making it worse.

3. Why, when you said you would, as part of your common grace, limit the evil of man do we see evil seemingly unbound and unlimited such as in the past century? It's hard to see that man was kept from acting out unlimited evil in just the 20th century alone. Perhaps this is evidence that Satan has been unloosed because we are at the very end of the end times and he is now able to deceive the nations and assert dominion over the entire planet. That would answer it.

Bonus Question: Why, if there was no death before the fall, do all the creatures of nature bite and tear and rip and kill with their fangs and their claws and razor sharp beaks and so on? I.e. why do nature's creatures even have these sharp fangs and claws and beaks that are only designed to kill and eat other living things? It's hard to imagine a lion eating only plants. Perhaps it was only humans, who were created in the image of God, that didn't endure death. That would explain it.


Blogger Ed Holland said...

Your priorities are wack

June 10, 2018 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger c.t. said...

You're why so many real Christians avoid churches. And seminaries.

June 14, 2018 at 9:29 AM  

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