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Wotan, Odin, like Olympian pantheon, are folk-imagination-evocations of angels

Europeans are trying to find their way back to God, or to some connection with the invisible realm. Their indoctrination has been strongly negative towards Christianity (not to mention common fallen nature being strongly against it), so there is some groping in the dark towards folk gods and goddesses such as Odin, also known as Wotan.

This seems silly to Christians on the surface of it. Some see this yearning to revive old pagan religion as a kind of LARPing (live action role playing). It's easy to mock in this way, but hold on...

What are mythological gods anyway but angelic evocations the organic, collective folk mind conjures in the desire to people the heavenly realm that is invisible to us? I say folk mind because each people group small and large seems to evoke this angelic realm and these beings in their own unique way.

Christianity is bigger than unbelievers know. Christian history goes back further than they know as well. For instance, the Europeans interested in old pagan religion don't realize the basic stock of humanity itself migrated to Europe from ultimately the dispersing of Noah's offspring at the Tower of Babel. Does this make Europeans Israelites? Perhaps same stock, but Israelites are more narrowly the line of Jacob. Did later some Israelites migrate into Europe just a few centuries prior to the birth - incarnation - of Christ? Yes.

What is the role of good angels and fallen angels in all this? These evocations can be used both ways. If they're drawn on for true wisdom, inspiration, a force of unifying in war, and other positive things then the evocation is of good angels. If they are worshipped in the place of their Creator then the evocation becomes Satanic, ultimately. Satan will use anything, counterfeit anything, appropriate anything to his uses. He'll also impersonate an angel of light.

Angels are messengers of the Triune God, they are not God Himself. Yet angels exist as real beings. If the folk imagination conjures them as Apollo and Athena, or as Wotan and Freya, and they are not worshipped as God Himself then they are angelic evocations of a real nature.

Christianity is not a religion or worldview in the sense of one among other competing religions or worldviews. Christianity is reality and transcends everything, and in that it also includes everything under its umbrella. Everything false under that umbrella will either be counterfeit of the real thing or will be the real thing seen in fragment and through a glass darkly.

Europeans yearning for wisdom and the spiritual realm have too small a view of Christianity in history and human nature and in the visible realm and the invisible realm.

A necessary postscript: Many Europeans are stuck at the stumbling block of associating Jesus and ancient Israelites with modern day Jewry. Modern day Jewry don't even worship or recognize the same God as Christians. The God of the Bible is Triune. This is something even the ancient Druid priesthood knew. Jews see God differently. Like Muslims they reject the biblical Triune God. They, like Muslims, deny Jesus is God come in the flesh. This is the biblical definition of having the spirit of anti-Christ. Strikingly, Jesus Himself said these Jews were of their father the Devil. So Muslims reject the Bible for their own book, and the Jews do the same, their real book being the Talmud, not the Old Testament. As for the racial aspect, King Alfred the Great had more Israelite in him than any Jew in modern day Israel.


Blogger c.t. said...

Probably trying a little too hard in this post to gently introduce very indoctrinated people to some degree of understanding of Christianity. I know the Iliad and Odyssey was a gateway into the Bible for me (Zwingli was positive in this way too, Calvin made positive statements on the Homeric epics, John Owen in his disappointing introductory essay to his Biblical Theology talks about such influences (then disappointingly said students shouldn't read them at all, after he just got through saying how much he learned from them; and you can learn in a negative way as well from influences so to be told to avoid such things is asinine advice). Anyway, the Devil has a stranglehold on Europeans currently. I notice after I posted this post it immediately got hits, maybe because people have alerts on Wotan or something, but whatever, there is interest...

May 27, 2017 at 4:24 PM  

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