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A rule for living in end times

The end times get into final stage when Satan asserts dominion over the entire planet. Clearly that has been happening since the early 20th century with Marxism and arguably even more so now with Islam operating on top of an entrenched layer of cultural Marxism.

The Devil's two biggest fronts in these latter days have been Marxism and Islam. Islam always, of course, but with the current reawakening of the massive evil that is Islam it takes on the role of being the army of Satan in his putsch to attain dominion over areas of the earth God didn't give him access to prior.

Marxism is the power of the 'air', the universe of discourse, where evil ideas get propagated with lightning speed because they have Satan's power behind them. Marxism does not have to be bloody revolution, but can merely be things like Critical Theory, able to defile institutions and minds and cultures and civilization itself. Cultural Marxism.

How are God's elect to act in these times? How are God's elect to see all this in the light of Scripture?

As one of God's elect the way to see all this is: it may very well be decreed by God, in His plan, that Satan has these victories all the way to the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet the Bible tells us to confront the Devil. It doesn't tell us to acquiesce to the Devil's (and his children's) putsch on the entire planet.

This is how to see it: we confront the Devil at every step, and in the process of doing that the already called out elect both temper ourselves in the battle, and - in the demonstration of that battle - call out the rest of God's elect.

Any Christian leader or educator who tells you to acquiesce to Satan's advance all around us is either duped, weak, or demonic.


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