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An email, about cultural Marxism hitting you between the eyes

Just discovered this person's YouTube channel. A couple of example videos linked below. The first is 28 mins., but very fast, and the second is a follow up video that is 3 mins.

The subject is cultural Marxism. We all know about this by now, but having it hit you between the eyes in a documentary like this is valuable. One thing this doc does is it simplifies the influences behind cultural Marxism. Satan tactically portrays himself as a myriad of fragmented things with different names, so that we don't see the one influence behind the curtain. The only thing this doc is missing is the Christian understanding that these evil ideas get their strange propagation and power to influence everything from the supernatural spirit of Satan. At the end of the first link he asks, how did these evil mediocrities and their ideas get so much influence? He couldn't answer it. Christians know. Though the person speaking in the video may be a Christian for all I know. He doesn't mention Christianity though. This is spiritual warfare.

First one here.

Second one here.

- C.


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