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Islam again kills women and children...James White gets angry at Christians

[Update: James White has run for the tall grass. He was challenged to debate a former Muslim on these issues and on White's recent behavior, and White has refused. White always runs when confronted. He embodies the worst of modern Christian leaders and educators. He's shallow, but he also seems to take pleasure in seeing the Devil have victories in this world, in these end times. A sign of a lack of regeneration, among many other signs...]

Once again, just after another bout of heroic woman stabbing and child massacring James White doesn't disappoint in his refusal or inability to acknowledge that the 's' in Islam stands for Satan.

Like 99% of pastors in America James White is a beta cuck unconsciously brain-addled by cultural Marxism.

If you're a pastor "in good standing" in America you can't believe in anything "wacky" like the supernatural. The world will mock you, and you can't have that. The Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the word of God and its preservation, and Satan has nothing to do with Islam.

Update: James White is finally being recognized as an apostate and useful idiot for Islam:






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