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James White steps outside his safe space and gets exposed

This is why James White always carefully selects who he will and won't debate. Normally he would avoid Robert Spencer like the plague, but White is currently in a bit of a maelstrom, and he's trying to repair and protect his reputation for being an all-knowing, triumphalist debater guy rather than a dupe, useful idiot, simpleton who eats whatever a practiced Muslim apologist puts in his mouth.

Notice in the clips above that White gets schooled on basic facts he was ignorant of (that Jihad is offensive or defensive and what that difference means, for instance) then reacts by going into his high school level sophist mode? Obviously this tells you what White is all about, but it also tells you what his followers and defenders are all about. Some of those defenders surely can see what White is engaging in in these moments, so maybe his defenders see White's entire career as an exercise in some kind of subterfuge and they have chosen to be in on it. Otherwise they all are just ignorant and dishonest like White. The latter is probably what is going on.

Never discount common ignorance in the phenomena you see going on all around you.

One note: why is David Wood always silent on these matters? He is a colleague of Robert Spencer, he advertised this debate on his social media, yet he never weighs in on James White. Why is there this silence regarding White from other Christian leaders, teachers, personalities? I suppose it's the natural reluctance people have of critiquing someone they suspect has a mental illness? Something is going on...


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