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I, like a lot of people, am shaking my head that I ever fell for the neocon ruse. As someone said recently, though, the neocons fooled everybody; they crafted their lies well, and they hid their motives well. It didn't help that their most aggressive critics were know-nothing leftists who snarled at neocons while supporting the same thing on the left side of the uniparty.

In fact, all 'schools' of foreign policy in Washington were really the same thing. Like good Marxists they took the real choice off the table, which was the traditional foreign policy of the Founding Fathers.

Here's a good, non-mainstream article on what neocon/neoliberal mean.

David Goldman (who goes by Spengler at times) is always fun to read when he's talking about his old neocon buddies. He left the movement long ago. In the linked article he demonstrates why Trump is a force for good and what he's up against.

While you're at it go through this page with all its useful links. If you have a knee-jerk dislike or hatred for Trump try to see how that is very shallow (and wicked if you are at all conscious of what he is going against). Many Christians, not street level but seminary educated (which means unknowingly addled by cultural Marxism), took a negative approach to Trump not realizing they were fully on the side of the Devil in doing that.


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