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Some things you can't understand without theology

Comments under a Victor Davis Hanson article:

The only themes VDH seems to not want to touch on are: the nationalism vs. globalism theme which is at the foundation of the nevertrump whining; and also the fact that this is spiritual warfare, and Trump is the Christian in the arena surrounded by Satanists and asinine moralists. (I won't mention the Washington, D.C. pedophile rings as a sub motive in a lot of the nevertrump noise.)

Bill Kenny
This is satire, right?

Charles Stewart Jr.
Globalists are satanically created evil 1-worlders waiting for the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

Nationalists were God created by the Tower of Babel that sent like-speakers to settle all the parts of the world. There they developed localized languages and DNA [due to climate and leader dominance] and then the Tribes grew into Nations.

Je comprende vous?

Kristana Arp
This has got to be satire. If not, I despair for Americans' mental state.

Whether he (Charles Stewart Jr.) meant it as satire or not it is true. God put people within borders with their own languages. The Devil wants no borders and everyone mixed and at each other's throats to facilitate world tyranny. In the very end times Satan and his spiritual children assert dominion over the entire planet. Satan is unbound and able to deceive the nations, which he couldn't before. Christians are to confront the Devil and never acquiesce. In this process God's elect are called out and tempered.


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