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Something about Law and Gospel theology has missed

There is a big area theologians have missed regarding the Law and the Gospel having to do with how human beings (en masse) enforce a twisted, distorted, upside-down version of the Law on other human beings (individuals, for the most part).

Luther touched on it, but I've lost the quote. I wrote something on it, but I can't find it. When I say Luther touched on it I mean just that, touched - merely touched - on it. Perhaps not even knowing where he was going with it or understanding it.

It's about the Law as a mass face or influence that blankets everything. It becomes more noticeable when it emerges as movements such a political-correctness or the demonic indulgence in smug self-righteousness and being holier-than-thou. Godless puritans is a phrase that gets at it, though unfortunately that keeps alive shallow and wrong popular notions of what the Puritans were all about. Godless moralism is probably better. It always includes a sense of entitlement. A shout of this is our time, our world, you listen to us, you are evil, you aren't holy like us. Conform to our demands or we destroy you.

There is an unspoken (and unconscious) claim of sinlessness on the part of the moralists. Black Lives Matter could just as well be re-titled Black People Without Sin. Social Justice Warriors are Young People Without Sin.

And this force of upside-down, distorted, twisted Law is meant (by Satan) to crush all into a totalitarian conformity and tyranny. A dead soul state of existence.

This is seeing the Law as a curse, though a more mystical, if you will, aspect of its curse. A curse as force that blankets and strangles and threatens and menaces. The Gospel frees us from this dark, dense, blanketing-like force (and from being an obnoxious, dead-in-sin unaware active part of it as well).

The Gospel frees us from being unconscious of it and a victim of it in the sense of it being an inherent part of our being, but the Gospel doesn't free us from the obnoxious action of it. If anything our new state as regenerated believers makes us more of a noticeable target of this Satanic counterfeit force.

Christianity is not about being 'good', it's about being awakened and making contact.


The Law of God infiltrates everything, and not just as a positive example. The fact of Law itself (for instance as the necessary thing that makes sin a real thing) exists and manifests through humanity as an unconscious mass force. Fallen humanity co-opts the existence of the Law and distorts it, mostly actually turns it upside-down, and enforces it as a group demand on all individual humans; demanding their conformity to the group and destroying any rogue cells, if you will.

Once a person begins to awaken and then is actually regenerated by the word and the Spirit they are then in full conflict with this Law. Intense friction commences. The easy route is to give in and go with the easy current of the Devil, naively as a self-perceived silent noncombatant thinking they're not a part of the evil but that they're just being common-sense and realistic. Going along to get along.

Yet this friction is valuable to a real Christian on the Way. It is this friction that provides the necessary heat to develop and temper the New Man within the regenerated Christian.

When this friction is met with Be Awake and Love Your Enemy (to paraphrase our Savior's two great commandments); replacing all sleepy - and fierce - resentment with awakened gratitude (not an easy thing at all) then the Christian develops. Conscious labor, intentional suffering in the face of the friction from this odious, massive, all-pervading distorted Law that manifests through all humanity.


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