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Look at this paragraph

Paul Carter interacts with a difficult verse: “Sooner or later every honest Bible reader finds herself asking some version of that question. These verses are – beyond a shadow of a doubt – among the very hardest verses of the Bible to accept as Christian Scripture.”

Did you see it?

Ah, yes, the use of the feminine pronoun for the standard male which forever has stood in for both male and female.

I come across that, just one, and I'm instantly out of the article (or book). I don't read any further.

I can 'see' this type of author grinning and saying, "OK! So be it! Don't read on! And don't get enlightened by anything modern and thoughtful enough to not want to show disrespect to women, buddy! OK? OK, buddy? Run along, buddy!! Got it, buddy?" Ooh, a bit of an anger problem there with that male feminist and hewer to politically-correct strictures for proper word use in article writing.

No, one female pronoun in place of the traditional English usage of the male pronoun and I don't continue reading. In fact, I mark that author and avoid anything they write in the future.


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