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Such an ironic last name...

I'm almost finished reading what is basically an overview history of ideas with an emphasis on worldview, starting from ancient Rome (and Greece). It's by Glenn S. Sunshine titled Why You Think the Way You Do . (The book is great, but even the subtitle is lame: Western Worldviews From Rome to Home. So don't judge it by its title.)

As I read this book I wonder why so many people desire to think in such evil ways. Most of them have to know they are being evil. Why are we on a planet filled with such evil morons? Why are there so many people who knee-jerkingly want whatever is bad for any given situation? They're like gyroscopes that no matter how the landscape and horizon change they stay focused on being evil, even if it means doing the opposite they were doing the year before. It's like there is a constant mantra in their brain: "OK, things have changed, so what is now the most evil thing to do?"

And it's not everybody. It's not due solely to our collective fallen nature. Some people are asleep in life and thus easily led and fooled by the evil people. Few people are awake and not easily led or fooled. But it's the radicalized creeps, so numerous, that I speak of.

Did the Devil create this, or increase it all, by his defiling of the original human bloodline creating these hybrid humans walking around with Satanic spirit at mega levels coursing through them and resentment that they're so damn bizarre looking (i.e. they don't look like Brad f***ing Pitt)? Listen, bitches, you are the people who should be MOST on your knees asking God for forgiveness and salvation. God let you be born in the condition you're in.

The world as a place that sucks is now in hyper drive.


Blogger c.t. said...

This post should have been titled Black Pill.

August 5, 2017 at 7:24 PM  

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