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White girl

Look at this girl's videos. Nowadays seeing a more pure white person, especially obviously one who represents the traditional ideal, is like looking back in time. Now, on race, I see it as we all - black, white, brown, red, yellow - come from Adam and Eve (that is just Bible-believing fact), yet non-white people groups have Satan-defiled bloodlines, some more, some less. I would also say supernaturally defiled bloodlines which is how it happened so fast (in the timeline of the Bible, i.e. young earth). So everybody looks at a girl like this and sees a deep ancestor. Yet she's the enemy too, to humanity's fallen nature and to the spirit of disobedience (Satan) in people. All traces of God's original creation must be destroyed through lies, murder and blood defilement. White remnant people carry the memory and traditions of the Creator unlike other defiled people groups. Satan's war on God decrees the elimination of the original Adamic purity and nations associated with it.

In this view you can see both a sense of brotherhood (whites look on at non-whites knowing they've had their bloodlines defiled by Satan yet still see them as Adamic brothers and sisters despite their plight); and, on the other hand, you can see a sense of hatred of these people groups with defiled bloodlines towards the still white peoples and their nations.

However you view it you can't deny the state of warfare involved in it all. Spiritual warfare and real physical warfare.

God's original creation probably only survives due to God's will in the matter. Whites certainly aren't very awake to the war or cognizant of the issues and the history and the values involved. Whites seem naive at best, demonic at worst, and dead asleep to everything otherwise. White women, for instance, are easily seduced by non-whites; and white men will couple with any breathing female that talks to them, for the most part. It's amazing there are any white people left in the world, but that is due to God putting all people into nations with borders (and I believe that is after the Satanic defilement of the bloodlines began to take place).

Which is why a borderless world is the ideal of Satan and his followers, Marxist/Islamist globalists.

God Himself, in His sovereign and infinite wisdom, may have defiled, as a curse, Ham's descendants.

Today we see Satan and his spiritual children making what looks like a final putsch on the white nations and white peoples of the earth. Only white nations are being called on (shamed, coerced, etc.) to accept fake refugees and opportunistic immigrants (blacks, Muslims, Asians, no one else need apply) at population replacement levels.

Of all the non-white people groups only Asians, for the most part, seem to have maintained an at least stand-offish respect for the integrity of the original Adamic peoples left on the planet. It is only Asians - for instance the Japanese - who you will hear sentiments such that Americans are destroying themselves by bringing in non-white peoples. Hispanics are a bit more radicalized (lately) than this, but they would come in second along these lines. The attitude of other defiled people groups are very different. Arabs, blacks, Jews see white people as prey to be conquered and destroyed. Actually destroyed or destroyed by breeding them out of existence.

Again, it is in the original Adamic creation, white people, that the memory and traditions of our Creator are kept alive. This is why Satan has a driving motivation to destroy all white people and nations.

How much will God hold white people - individuals - responsible for fraternizing with the enemy as much as white people have? The Devil has all the advantages, but we all know what is right in our heart. Some things don't just seem wrong, they seem abomination.


Email response from Australia: "Yep I see what you see. That's why multiculturalism strikes one as evil, it encourages this interbreeding with this other defiled bloodlines."

My response: And I've just begun seeing this new paradigm regarding race, but I should add I've always said God could create a race of any kind from the rocks on the ground. The value is not one race being masterful over others, but the value is in the undisputed cultural and civilizational superiority that we can see and experience. In the long run, though, as well this world will end and a new heavens and earth will take its place.

The words defiled bloodlines sound harsh and mean, but I'm just saying it as reality. Not to disparage any born into it. We're all fallen.

You used the right word in multi-culturalism to identify the worldly problem in it all. See current inner cities. And now getting to be not just inner cities.

The worth I see in seeing race as defiled bloodlines from a pure bloodline is it gives perspective and understanding. Biblical understanding. [added] If a person has no degree of a Biblical worldview my writing on this matter will be seen as the most bizarre racist idiocy of all time (!!!). Of course. Also, you need a supernatural view of the world, a non-politically-correct view, and some experience with actual unleashed hybrids in the real world. You also need discernment of the spiritual landscape and battlefield.


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